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Are you ready for your next great adventure?

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how to get more accomplished in 100 days than most people do over the course of ten years.

From the moment you begin, you’ll be challenged to think bigger, bolder and far outside the box.

You’ll immediately begin to question why you’re not currently experiencing 10x, 100x, 1000x or even 10,000x growth.

Why is this step an important part of the growth acceleration process?

Because unless you begin to have these conversations, unless you learn the proper force multiplier strategies

…and unless you apply them in a systematic way…you will never experience this kind of exponential growth.

It would be my honor to show you how.

Trust In The Timing Of Your Life

Life is chaotic sometimes. Just as you think everything is going swimmingly, something happens that sends you out of whack. It makes you a little bit adrift and this unsettling feeling is hard to shake. Whether its losing your job, your SO, or even if your favorite coffee shop closes down (yes, this would suck for me), its important to take a step back, breathe and surrender.I always get into a funk when my life goes off balance. Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken one step forwards and two steps back. Thats when I stop and realise,

It’s okay.

Its okay to feel behind, its okay not to be okay, but at the same time its important to pick yourself up. I give myself 10 emotional minutes in a day if I need it, then I get up and remind myself that I am a gangster (with a matcha latte and a yoga mat).


We want to control everything around us, the situations and the people, but you’ve got to remember that you can’t control every aspect of your life. Don’t waste your energy into things you can’t control. Instead, use that energy to get yourself closer to those goals and being the best version of yourself.


Trust in life and trust in yourself. Trust that where you are at in your life at the moment is the right thing and the thing you need most. Don’t compare your life to others, everyone is on an individual journey and is on a completely different path and scrolling through your feed on social media isn’t going to make you feel better if you think everyone is ahead of you. Life isn’t a race so slow down.


Learn from the struggles, falls, heartache, heartbreak, loss, and endings. Because when something ends, a new thing begins. Learn from the people who have come into your life and left, learn from the people who are still here, learn from your experiences good and bad, and most of all learn from yourself.


We all have goals that we one day want to achieve, but in the meantime celebrate your small wins and keep yourself motivated. Focusing on just the big goal can be daunting at times when you think you’re not getting closer to it, so look at each step as a tick in the box, getting you that much closer to your goals and go and have that glass of wine and celebrate (any excuse for a tipple).

Be grateful.

Be grateful for everything in your life. Acknowledge the good no matter how small. You woke up this morning and have another chance at life, you have great friends and family, you have a roof over your head whatever it is, be grateful.

Remember, life is amazing, then awful. And then its amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful, its ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living, heart-breaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life and its breathtakingly beautiful.

Check out this amazing goal-setting course. It will make you realize a whole lot about everything and it will most definitely change your life for the better. No use putting this off.

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Achieve Any Goal Faster and Easier

September 22nd may very well prove to be the most important day of your year, and perhaps even your life.


#1 – It marks the final 100 days of the year.

#2 – It provides you with an opportunity to redeem yourself by finishing the year strong.

#3 – It represents the turning point in your life and will come to symbolize, the day you took full control of your destiny.

Since you’ve read this far, consider a few questions:

How many of your goals have you accomplished so far this year?

Have your current strategies made you healthier, wealthier and happier?

If you continue doing what you’ve done these past 265 days where will you be, and what will you be doing on Jan 1, 2015?

Will you be struggling, spinning your wheels in the same place you are now?

Why would you want that?

Especially when you could be…

Confidently executing the plan that launches your new online business…Or, completing the manuscript that makes you a best selling author…OR finishing the year strong and exceeding your annual sales quota.

I’d like to show you how, and here’s a great video series and special report for you to check out:

Video – Achieve Any Goal

Finish Strong!

Achieve Your Goals Immediately

Some people may think that goals have a definite timeline to accomplish. In part, this is true, but there are certainly ways on how you can hasten the process. You can achieve more great things by focusing on the current job and getting it done, without any compromise. Here are some guidelines from the experts that you can use yourself.

Step One: Forming a Team

Things can be accomplished more quickly if you rely on other people and assign tasks accordingly. When forming a team, it is important that you choose individuals whom you can trust and are truly competent in the fields you assign them to. Teams need to be supervised to ensure that you get the results you want. You can also create a hierarchy or create pairs so that one can look out for the other, thereby saving you time when reviewing work.

Forming a team gives you the benefit of practicing your leadership skills. You will find that later on, you also get to finish tasks more quickly alone, since you’ve already created an effective system that will provide a smoother flow of various jobs. Make sure you also get the appropriate number of people for the job, or else you risk having too many to watch over, wasting precious time in the process.

Step Two: Finding Shortcuts

Some goals actually have shortcuts that you can use to reach more quickly. These are not quick fixes, but can help the entire system respond in a more conducive manner, thereby boosting the process. For example, there are no short cuts to permanent weight loss, but you can do some techniques that will hasten the fat loss. Some of the approaches include using HIIT or high intensity interval training, instead of the traditional cardiovascular exercise. HIIT is done only in 20 minutes tops, and burns more fat and raises your metabolism higher and for longer periods of time. Your body will respond to the exercise faster.

To know about the shortcuts, always stay updated with changes and developments in technology and professional programs. Stay connected in a network of people related to your goals. Joining forums and online seminars are ideal. You can also talk to experts, so you can compare processes and determine if a certain approach is truly effective.

Step Three: Extra Hours

Consistency, discipline and dedication always give you faster and better results. If you want to finish things faster, you may have to put in extra hours and work longer than the usual. The more important thing is that you keep stress levels down afterwards by relaxing and giving yourself enough time to rest. This way, you can move on to the next goals to be achieved. Overtime should also be well-planned. You cannot expect to work effectively beyond your usual time if you’re still tired the night before or do not have enough equipment to work with.

Prepare and strategize by coming up with small objectives and actions steps to be done in sequence. Having information prior to your overtime can help greatly and save you lots of idle time. You may also ask someone to work with you during overtime to accomplish more. Try to incorporate all the three steps above and see for yourself how much more you can boost the process.

If you need a goal-setting coach or mentor, check out this guy Gary Ryan Blair. If he can’t get you to finally achieve at least some of your goals then it would be safe to say that nobody ever will.

Find Your Greatness

It might be the result of all the news lately about surveillance and privacy concerns, but here’s a pretty darn good idea which I’d like for you to consider…

What do you think would happen if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you went for your goals?

I bet 3 things would immediately take place…

1. You would START doing the things you know you need to do.

2. You would STOP doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing.

3. You would build MASSIVE momentum and make monumental performance gains.

THIS IS ALL possible by raising the stakes and enforcing greater levels of accountability.

Accountability serves and protects your character, credibility and commitments. It ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished.

With that reality in mind, I wanted to share with you an exciting opportunity to achieve every goal you set, to enforce ultimate accountability, and show you how to start the second quarter focused and fired up.

Gary Ryan Blair, otherwise known as The Goals Guy, has put together a radical approach to goal setting and performance enhancement that truly is simply… OUTSTANDING!

It’s called the 100 Day Challenge and by acting fast, you can snag a Special Report and free video series that overdelivers in a big way.

In my opinion, the report itself is worth its weight as it shows you how to create radical results – fast!

…and the video series ain’t too shabby either.

You’re going to love this!

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You’ll regret this (if you miss out)

I’m finding it hard to believe that the year is now almost half-way over. It’s amazing how fast
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The Importance of June 24th

Today, June 24th is an important benchmark as just seven days from now the year will be 50% complete.

That’s right, two quarters down, and the third one about to tee up.

I can assure you that all Sales Managers, Stock Analysts and Fortune 500 Executives are well aware of this date and doing what they can to finish the 2nd quarter strong.

Are you?

In my opinion, this last week of June is of supreme importance as once July 1st arrives, YOU will find out if your current strategies and year to date performance makes you look like a champ or a chump.
(I suspect you already know.)

Consider the following…

If you had ambitions of making $250,000 this year, you should be closing in on $125,000.

If you had a resolution of paying off $20,000 in debt, you should be $10,000 lighter by now.

And if you said you were going to lose 40 pounds, you should have dropped 20 by now and be wearing baggy pants.

Are you on track with any of your goals?
Have you surpassed your expectations?
Are you even close?

IF you have not made as much progress as you’d like in the first half of the year,
and need a serious PICK ME UP, I’d like to share with you an exceptional MANIFESTO
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The BEST part is that it won’t cost you a single penny.

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Can You Cure Hypertension Naturally?

Some of us discover that we have high blood pressure situation – or hypertension as the white coats like to call it – rather by accident. A friend or relative has one of those little automatic blood pressure monitors and we try it on for fun. Other people find out during a routine doctor’s visit when the nurse takes their blood pressure reading on a lark. The lucky ones among us have an inbuilt mechanism where we can’t actually feel comfortable when our blood pressure is over 140/90. If you’re someone who actually feels his blood pressure, you’re in luck because you won’t ever let it go untreated. If you’re not interested in taking meds all the time though, is there a way to cure hypertension through regular natural means?

You bet there are. Except that when we say that we cure hypertension through natural means, what we actually mean is that we treat it and keep it under control. If that’s what you’re aiming for, that’s eminently possible through nothing more than lifestyle changes.

Most people don’t get any kind of blood pressure problems when they’re young. It’s only once they cross 35 or so that the problem starts. What happens at 35? Well, any unhealthy habits you may have had, begin catching up with you is what happens. You put on weight, you become too busy with your career to get any exercise, all the years of unhealthy eating begin to catch up with you and so on.

So all you need to do is to look at any unhealthy signs of an unhealthy lifestyle and reverse them. Start acting like you’re still young.

For instance, take a look at your weight and your waistline. If as a man, you have a waistline that’s bigger than 40 inches or if you’re a woman and your waistline is bigger than 35 inches, you’re in trouble. If you’re Asian, you get into trouble earlier than this. Basically, it isn’t enough to just lose weight. You’ll need to take a look at keeping that waistline under control. Just having fat around your waist puts a great deal of stress on your heart.

Of course, the entire world is out there trying to find a way out of obesity. But you really don’t need to worry about any celebrity diets or brand-name diets. All you need to do is to get out there and make like you’re young. Get a little exercise. Get it every day. You don’t have to pound the sidewalk like you’re a cop on the beat though. Just do interesting stuff – take up swimming. Get a dog and play with him. Join a cause and go door-to-door. Just do things.

Yes, you have read that alcohol is good for your heart, and you’re not about to give that up. Well, when they mean that alcohol is good for you, they mean that very small amounts are good for you. And take a gander at this – doctors say that if you don’t already drink alcohol, you shouldn’t start just for your blood pressure. It doesn’t help cure hypertension that much.

Coping With Infertility

If you have always wanted children, the news that you are infertile can be a huge blow to your life. Coping with infertility is a different journey for each person, but know that the label of being infertile is a bit deceiving. There are very few people with this label that actually cannot ever have children. This often means that you are challenged in your quest, but it does not mean your miracle will not happen. No matter what your real situation may be, learning to cope will help you deal with something that can be about as heartbreaking as losing someone close to you.

Coping with infertility for a woman is tough. She may feel that she has failed at the one thing that she should be able to do and that others seem to do so easily. Seeing pregnant teenagers and families that always seem to have surprise pregnancies can be super tough. One of the first and hardest things that you must do if you this is you is to understand that their success is not your failure. You did not do anything wrong. It is unfair that you want a baby so badly when so many have them and neglect and even abuse them, but you cannot let this become personal to you.

Men also can have a hard time coping with infertility. It could be that they are the issue or it could be that their wife cannot have a baby or that nothing is working. Women often worry a man that wants kids will leave her for someone who does not have fertility issues. This effects the man though he may not even realize this is her worry. Men also feel that having a low sperm or motility count means that they are less of a man than they should be. Dispelling these myths in a man’s mind is a huge step in coping.

What any couple should remember when they cannot conceive right away is that infertility may just mean a delay in parenthood. There are many couples that give up on having their own only to find that they are blessed later on in life. Some try for fifteen years before they have a child. If you are constantly worried about it and doing all you can to get pregnant, you are putting yourself under stress that can delay conception for someone who already has fertility issues. Take up yoga or deep breathing, keep yourself busy and pretend as best you can that you are not desperate to have a baby. It may help. Also, talks with a doctor about coping with infertility can help you as well.

Coping with infertility means accepting that you may have challenges. Instead of giving up, see what you can do to up your chances. Also find means to come to grips with your issues and get treatment for any conditions that may hamper your ability to have children. Let friends and family help you and comfort you when you feel bad and remember that many couples who are told they will never have children defy the odds. You may be one of those couples too. Get books to help and find support online. The future is not written and stone so remember to keep the faith.

Cigarette Withdrawal Symptoms

You might think that most people that smoke have no qualms about it and want to continue. The truth is that most people who smoke wish that they did not. Nicotine is a drug and it is one that is incredibly hard to get over. Smokers try time and time again before they finally quit. One of the biggest reasons why people have such a hard time quitting is because of cigarette withdrawal symptoms. These are very powerful and they can break even the most determined. Will power alone is not always the answer because these symptoms are so strong.

Those that quit will notice problems within a half an hour. The average craving for nicotine lasts about thirty seconds to three minutes. If a smoker can get through that time without lighting up, they will feel better, at least until the next craving. This seems like a short amount of time, but to the smoker it feels like hours. This is when cigarette withdrawal symptoms are at their worst and is when many cave. Even those that get past a few of these end up craving the next time one hits. The craving is stronger – much stronger than one who has never smoked could imagine.

Some cigarette withdrawal symptoms are more spread out but can be very unsettling. Sleep is often disturbed as a person tries to quiet smoking. Most people who are quitting either on their own or with some type of stop-smoking aid report that they have trouble sleeping. They may have a hard time falling asleep and they may also wake up many times a night. Most have vivid nightmares also. Nightmares do not seem like a big deal, but when you have really bad ones night after night it starts to really affect your mental well-being.

Some believe that they smoke because it relaxes them. The truth is that cigarettes act as a stimulant. The true relaxation that comes is from the habit and act of smoking. The feel of the cigarette in the hand and the feel of the smoke going in and out of the lungs is what feels relaxing. The nicotine itself thins the blood a bit and stimulates the body. If you are having trouble with cigarette withdrawal symptoms, try finding something to replace at least some of the more relaxing aspects of smoking. Put something in your hand, chew on a straw, or come up with something that works for you.

If the cigarette withdrawal symptoms are too much for you when you are quitting on your own, try one of the many products out there that help smokers quit. Most of these are nicotine replacement therapies, but not all of them are. Some are medications that work with the addiction center of the brain. Smoking is tough to break. If it was easy, there would be far fewer smokers in the world today. If you are struggling but are determined to break, go see your doctor to ask for help. You will be glad you did.